App Review: Pac-Man


These days, a bit of joy can come from the smallest, and perhaps most unexpected, of places. Get your daily dose of joy and nostalgia with the Pac-Man app, designed to mimic the 8-bit retro arcade game of your dreams!

The free-to-download app has a few different game modes. One of them is, of course, the classic Pac-Man; the player simply swipes their screen instead of shifting a joystick to make Pac-Man move. Sometimes games that function on swiping can get a little finicky, but this one doesn’t appear to have any issues. It’s not too sensitive, but it definitely registers the swipe and changes course easily. It’s exactly as fun as you remember it being back in the day, except conveniently located right on your smartphone for a more portable adventure!

Once you’ve sunk several hours into eating those pellets and escaping those ghosts, old-school-style, you may want to browse around the rest of the app. There’s some other features the player can navigate at will, including a maze round. Honestly, the main menu of the app is a little busy, and it can be a bit overwhelming figuring out what is where and where to look. But once the player finds the button to play the original game mode, even less technologically savvy smartphone owners can be pretty content within that realm. 

It’s the little things that make the day better, and sometimes those little things are a simple retro game to carry around in your pocket!


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