App Review: Movements


Spring has sprung and sunny days call for bright spirits, including the spirit of giving

back. This latest app, “Movements,” makes doing so simple and efficient. According to the

AppAdvice website, it based on the principle that small acts of kindness, when executed by a large number of people, can make an impact.

Upon installation, the app provides users with “movements,” or campaigns in categories like Education, Human Services and International. To donate, users can add a credit or debit card to their account and donate spare change and the app will round the sum to a dollar amount. With every swipe of a user’s card, the spare change can change the course of someone’s life overseas in the form of vaccines, clean water or even a full meal. Movements include campaigns for building homes, raising funds for school supplies and teachers’ wages in developing countries and sponsoring children and orphans in Uganda.

Download the app and lead a movement of your own.


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