App Review: MaskerAid


In recent years, privacy concerns on the internet have been a concern for all different types of content creators. Whether you’re an influencer or an avid reviewer, some people still do not want their faces posted on the internet. This is especially true when children are posted on the internet since they typically have no say in it. And with the recent cases of internet stalkers, some people need to be protected, and the newest app MaskerAid is here to help. 

With MaskerAid, users are able to protect identities by photoshopping emojis onto faces to help anonymity. Additionally, MaskerAid can be used just to have fun with pictures and add the comedic elements of emojis. According to the app’s description, it is easy to use, and it “does not collect your images,” making this the perfect option for anyone who values their privacy. 

MaskerAid is free to download and use; however, it does have a “one-time, in-app purchase” option in which users can choose from thousands of emojis. So respect individuals’ needs for privacy and download MaskerAid today.


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