App Review: Marco Polo


If you’re looking for creative ways to reach your friends, try Marco Polo… but not just around the pool.

This Marco Polo is not a children’s game, it’s an app for you to communicate with your favorite people with candid video messages. It’s the perfect blend between video calls, texting, and social media. No scrolling or comparing– on this simplified social media app, you’ll just see personalized videos taken with you in mind.

You can create a group chat to send Marco Polos to specific people. Send just to your family, your siblings, your closest friends, or even your coworkers. You can even send directly to one person for a creative way to keep up with each other. 

Calls can be hard to schedule. But with Marco Polo, you only have to watch and send video messages when it’s convenient to you. Whether it’s to send heartfelt messages, or to show off that weird bug you found on your walk today, you’ll put a smile on your buddies’ faces when they open the app.

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