App Review: “Lucky Day”


Every Christmas in my family, scratch offs are passed around as everyone starts to make plans to use their “winnings.” A new car, paying off student loans or that trip to Europe are always on my list, but just as quickly as my quarter scratches away at the card, those dreams are dashed.

Still, scratch offs bring excitement and laughs to many people. Those moments don’t typically take place everyday, but now they can.

Thanks to the scratch off app “Lucky Day,” users can test their luck on multiple cards each day, with prizes ranging from a couple bucks to thousands of dollars. And it’s all free. Gone are the days of waiting until the next special occasion and paying for the chance to win. Play whenever and wherever you want, and cash out when you hit the jackpot.

There are quite a few reasons to like this app. It features free scratchers, lotto, and raffle games every day. You can win cash or gift cards from top brands. It works on all devices. Be forewarned: there are ads. But you never know, you might get lucky.


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