App Review: Lake Coloring Books: Art Therapy to Reduce Stress


Coloring isn’t just for the kiddos anymore – in fact, it’s becoming more and more popular among adults who are looking for an outlet to relieve stress. The only downside to the adult coloring fad is that, sometimes, it’s hard to tote around a coloring book and crayons with all of the things one would normally carry to class or work. “Lake Coloring Books: Art Therapy to Reduce Stress” provides resolution to such an issue because you can download it to your mobile device and take it anywhere!

Lake Coloring Books” was created for the purpose of stress relief and is geared more towards adults rather than children. In addition, there is an array of drawings available that were created by aspiring artists that are predominantly found on Instagram!

For someone who is always on the go but needs a small stress relieving distraction at time, this app is for sure you’ll want to download ASAP!


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