App Review: Knighthood


Platform: iOS, Android

Cost: Free, with in-app purchases

With all the chaos of the election, it’s nice to be able to escape into another world for a little bit, isn’t it? If the political season and the ever present uncertainties of the pandemic are giving you the blues, you might check out “Knighthood” by King, a mobile role-playing game that came out earlier this year.

In “Knighthood,” you begin the game by creating a character with a relatively small amount of customization options, and then you’re thrown into battling your way through your first quest. The RPG elements of “Knighthood” are lite and easy to understand, but the charming art style is enough to keep you invested in the game. As you go through your quests, you use up an ever descending energy meter, and when it runs out, you have to put the game down until it recharges. Of course, as with most games like “Knighthood,” you can pay real money directly in the app to buy more energy so you can keep playing.

Another aspect of the game that can require real money is the randomized loot chests. You naturally find chests (and “Knighthood” is pretty generous in how often you receive them) that contain items and heroes you need to level up. However, you can also just dump your money into the game and buy these chests without playing the game at all.

In the end, “Knighthood” is an enjoyable, RPG time sink if you’re looking for a casual escape from the real world during your day.


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