App Review: Huddle


There is nothing worse than feeling alone, like you are the only one going through whatever it is you are experiencing. For many, admitting they need help is the biggest challenge, but once they do, they just want to talk to someone who knows what they are feeling.

Thanks to some really awesome programmers, there is now an app to connect people struggling through life.

“Huddle” is an online community for people facing many different challenges. Users can join groups to share stories without risk or judgement. The app even allows you to join anonymously.

Once on the app, you can join or create support groups, share video stories with varying levels of anonymity, and chat, support and learn from others.

One iTunes reviewer described the app as the opposite of a famous photo-sharing application.

“If Instagram is a filtered place for our ‘best,’ not-so-authentic selves, Huddle is the platform for sharing our messy realities,” reviewer The Mighty said.

Groups exist for anxiety, body image, addiction and many more.

Many people feel as if they don’t have a place to turn to or people they can rely on, and this app is trying to help. If you struggle with anything and need someone to talk to, even anonymously, I highly suggest this app.


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