App Review: DuckDuckGo


Keeping things private on your mobile device has proven to be challenging, especially if you’re an Iphone user. But worry no longer, DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser has come to your aid.

DuckDuckGo is a mobile app that strives to simplify your privacy. With DuckDuckGo, you have the ability to control your personal information regardless of where the internet takes you. DuckDuckGo users have access to the app’s privacy essentials, which are needed while searching the web.

The app includes privacy protection, which allows you to escape advertising tracker networks by blocking all hidden trackers. It also increases encryption protection from prying eyes like ISPs. Users have the ability to privately search and share personal information including financial, medical and political questions.

DuckDuckGo offers numerous web-like features including tabs, bookmarks and autocomplete. There are also some extra privacy features into the browser itself: the Fire Button, which clears all of your tabs and data with one tap, and the Application Lock, which secure the app with Touch ID or Face ID.  

DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser warrants a 10 out of 10 recommendation for users who value their privacy. Don’t wait, get it today.


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