App Review: Dispo


Are you looking for a fantastic way to document your summer plans? Maybe you’re traveling abroad, going to a wedding or just hanging out with friends and want to capture memories. If so, then Dispo is the app you need this summer.

Dispo, short for disposable camera, is a picture-taking app that takes your pictures back in time, giving you awesome photos that you could’ve taken on your mom’s old disposable camera. The app functions just like a real disposable camera would but is much easier than getting an actual film processed. However, the app wants to mimic a real disposable camera, so it does make you wait a day to see your photos in hopes that it will feel similar to getting real film processed. Real disposable camera film takes at least a day to process, so Dispo does the same.

Dispo is not known to be user-friendly and can be a little bit confusing to work with, but is well worth it if explained correctly. First, you take photos on the app. Dispo has many different “lenses” to choose from, and each makes your pictures look retro in a unique way. After you take your pictures, you have to wait until 9:00 a.m. the following day to access them. They will not show up in your library until then. So don’t fear, your pictures are taken, they’re just processing. As a result, your pictures look retro and like an authentic disposable camera took them. You can then download your pictures and share them or just keep them for yourself. 

The app was co-created by famous YouTuber David Dobrik with the intention of making disposable cameras more accessible. He saw that all of his friends were using them and wanted everyone to share that experience. The app is free of charge, and you can take as many pictures as you want. So wherever you go this summer, Dispo it. 


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