App Review – Cinder


Cost: Free

We all have them. Those random contacts in your phone, some of them names you don’t even recognize, let alone remember how you know them. Maybe it’s that one classmate from political science freshman year, or it could be that awful first date you had a few years back.

Regardless, the number needs to go. But, like many of us, there’s a ton of names to go through, and you just don’t have the time to do it.

That’s where “Cinder” comes in.

In what basically amounts to Tinder for your contacts, “Cinder” presents you with a contact and displays the name, number and other identifying information. Wanna keep them? Swipe right! Need to purge them? As Beyoncé once sang, “To the left. To the left.”

“Cinder” simplifies the culling of your contacts in a very efficient manner. But in the off chance you swiped left on a close friend or maybe changed your mind about that on-again, off-again significant other, you’re in luck. You can review the left swipes and reverse the previous decision.

It’s as simple as that. So download “Cinder” today, and swipe your way to a cleaner, and less regrettable, contact list.



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