App Review: CHEERZ


These days we are so wrapped up in the ability to sync our devices to one another, the worry of losing memories is long gone when they are literally on every device. But what about those who prefer to hang pictures still? That’s still a thing, right? In the event that you want to print your photos, we’ve found your go-to photo printing app.

CHEERZ allows you to create your own photo strips, photo books, or even magnets with the best photo quality available with the pictures on your phone. Combining the luxury of photos at your fingertips with the ease of having them at your door step within in a matter of days, this new app is sure to be a win in the books of many. The app is free, but you can purchase your creations in the app to have them delivered straight to you.

Download CHEERZ, get creative, and enjoy those memories anywhere or anyway!


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