Bored of the same old yellow smiley faces? Bitmoji gives users the opportunity to put themselves into any emoji related emotion possible, and send themselves out to whomever they please. Users get to create their very own emoji, with everything from face structure to hairstyle to outfits to make the character look just like themselves (if they were an emoji, of course). Then, all you have to do is add the bitmoji keyboard to your keyboard settings, and you are ready to go!

You can select from all sorts of different emotions, sayings, catch phrases, and more. Snapchat has even added an upgrade where you can put bitmojis in your snaps, because one selfie isn’t enough. People have been known to have entire conversations only using varying Bitmoji phrases. So, if you’re tired of getting your feelings out the old fashioned way, Bitmoji is for you!


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