App Review: Auto Paste Keyboard


Cost: Free

When messaging from our phones, most of us have words or phrases that we use all the time. Whether it’s “I love you 💗,” “On my way” or “🥱 Work is sooo boring today,” there are some things we type out a lot. After a bit of this, it gets annoying to have to type the same thing over and over. And that’s where Auto Paste Keyboard comes in handy!

Auto Past Keyboard is an app that allows you to type up a bunch of phrases or “templates” (as the app calls them) and then paste them anywhere on your phone using the device’s keyboard. Available on the App Store and Google Play, this app is a simple but useful way to shorten the time it takes to send messages.

When opening the app, you first have to enable Auto Paste Keyboard and tell your phone to use it. After that’s sorted out, the app leaves you with a list of premade templates. There’s a plus button on the top right to add your own custom templates. On the top left is a settings button where the auto paste can be adjusted, which allows the app to paste a single template continuously when the user holds down the paste button. Although this last one can be super useful, there are some issues with the app. 

The biggest drawback of Auto Paste Keyboard is having to select it as the usable keyboard. This means that the user will have to push the change keyboard button every time they want to go between regular typing and pasting from the app. Changing the keyboard over and over does get tedious, but it can still be useful to have a list of premade statements or emoji patterns.

The other issue is that the keyboard isn’t exactly nice to look at. Though a simple app, ads constantly run along the bottom, giving it a not-so-professional look. Despite appearances though, Auto Paste Keyboard is functional and easy to use, making it a great way to save some time on lengthy messages–especially for the avid mobile messenger.


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