App Review: Apple COVID-19 Screening Tool


Cost: Free

Platform: iOS

While much of Texas, if not the rest of the country, has largely returned to their normal daily lives as shelter-in-place restrictions have relaxed, COVID-19 is not gone by a long shot. If you’re an iPhone user and are still feeling a bit cautious about the pandemic, you may consider checking out their COVID-19 Screening Tool available for free, straight from the front page of their app store. Developed in conjunction with the CDC and FEMA, Apple’s app cuts straight to the chase. When you open it for the first time, you are given a list of symptoms you can click through, and once you finish, it will give you some educated advice on what to do next; for example, it might tell you to practice physical distancing, monitor your symptoms, or to seek medical help immediately.

While much of this information is easily accessible online, having it available right when you open your phone is certainly an extra level of convenience, as well as the ability to save your screening results should you need that info when talking with a healthcare provider. If you’d like to continue remaining vigilant about your health, this might be an app worth checking out!


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