App Review: Adobe Photoshop Camera


Fresh to the app store and google play store scene, Adobe has released a new app for users to quickly apply crazy photoshop filters to their photos in a simple click. In an instant, Adobe Photoshop Camera suggests wild filters to bring to even the most simple photo of the sunset to an awesome, aesthetically pleasing Instagram photo! These cool filters will make it seem like the user has spent hours editing a photo when in reality it was all done on an app in about three minutes. 

The app functions much like any of Adobe’s previous products or similar filtered cameras in Snapchat or Instagram. Unlike Snapchat or Instagram, when you upload a photo to Adobe Photoshop Camera app, the app will automatically set brightness and contrast to make your photo into professional grade without making the photo look over edited or unrealistic. This will eliminate the stress of figuring out what lighting is the best for your photo! Social media influencers also were invited to create custom lenses for their followers to use. Billie Eilish created a lense that features green stick figures with a sky background, with a glitchy lightning photo effect, or an artsy and unique stormy effect with the figures falling around the subject. 

Users can take a photo live with the app’s filter already added, or they can upload a previous photo from the camera roll and edit from there. Overall, the app is very user friendly despite just being released on June 11, 2020. If you’re already familiar with Adobe’s other applications, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, or After Effects, this app will be no trouble to navigate through and find the effects you need. Even if you don’t have previous experience with any of Adobe’s products, the app guides you through the editing process.


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