App Review: 1sland


Calming, pleasant and mindless, 1sland is the best new mobile app that doubles as both a fun game and a meditation-adjacent relaxing experience. It’s incredibly easy to turn up the soothing music, stare at the muted colors and watch your worries slip away as you journey to find the island before any other players!

The game is super simple: choose your sailor, fire flares for a sense of direction and sail away on the endless sea. The main objective is to be the first to locate the island, the location of which changes every few hours. The tutorial is extremely easy to follow, and everything about this game oozes a sense of peace and simplicity. 

It functions using the internet to connect players from around the globe, but frankly, it’s even more relaxing without worrying about the leaderboards and standings — although the healthy competition can be a nice escape when needed!

1sland is the perfect way to pass the hot, stressful summer days indoors. Give this free game a download and sail the seas yourself! 

SOURCES: Playing the game myself + the in-game tutorial


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