Album Review: “When I Close My Eyes” by Chelsea Cutler


Known for her songs that typically deal with heartbreak and mental health, Chelsea Cutler takes a turn that we’ve all been waiting for with her new album, “When I Close My Eyes.” With this one, she enters a different chapter of her songwriting with songs that reflect her mentally happier state. 

Cutler, as reflected in her lyrics in previous albums, has spoken out about struggling with anxiety, depression and heartbreak. Her style can best be categorized as a combination of pop with a little flare of EDM. With this new album, it’s apparent she’s turned the page with more uplifting songs that speak about her current love life and being in a better place. The album includes 13 tracks, one named “Calling All Angels,” which features her close friend Quinn XCII.  You’re bound to put this one on repeat with its sweet message of embracing the good things in life and being hopeful despite your circumstances. 

Although the album has an overall happier vibe, it wouldn’t be a Chelsea Cutler album without a heartfelt song or two to get in the feels. The track “Devil On My Shoulder” dives into a look on Cutler’s struggle with mental health and discusses depression. On the other hand, the tracks “You Can Have It” and “If I Hadn’t Met You” give a glimpse into what it feels like being in a healthy relationship that makes you feel alive again. 

Overall, this one’s a change of pace. Cutler has successfully written an album that’s different from her normal style but stays true to herself as an artist.  

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