Album Review: “Wet Leg” by Wet Leg


“Indie rock” and “melodic psych-pop” group Wet Leg released their first album at the beginning of April. They’ve already gained recognition from iconic musicians such as Elton John, Iggy Pop, and Florence Welch, who stated that Wet Leg was “one of Britain’s most exciting new bands” to pop up recently. 

The self-titled album explores everything that comes after a breakup. Partying to forget your feelings, anger, and stepping into the dating life – it’s all a part of the process. There are sprinkles of topics that don’t focus on love, though. “Chaise Longue” was a song that was never supposed to be released, says Rhian Teasdale. “It was created as a joke, but it was surreal to see that listeners actually connected with it.” 

“Supermarket” is an interpretation of the 2020 lockdown. For a long time, people would look forward to going to the grocery store, because that was the only logical way to get out of the house during the height of the pandemic, and this was the band’s inspiration. 

Teasdale leads most of the songs on the album with her vocals, except for “Convincing.” Hester Chambers, the other half of Wet Leg, took over the lead vocals with this song. 

“Loving You” is a fantastic breakup song. It touches on toxicity in relationships and shows the real anger that Teasdale felt after the split from her long-time boyfriend. 

“Ur Mum” has anger in the lyrics towards an ex that wasn’t good enough. “I don’t want you to want you to want me, I need you to forget me,” following this are screams from the heart. The screaming in the song was added to relate the relationship that wasn’t serving either party to the anger coming out of it, kind of like experiencing scream therapy.

The album has done well in reviews, so give it a listen to see if you agree with the big names that are praising the band’s unique brand of quirk. 


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