Album Review: “Suncity” by Khalid


The sophomore album, “Suncity,” for R&B singer, Khalid, was released in October of 2018. Receiving praise and recognition for his debut album, Khalid had a lot to follow up on. “Suncity” completely lives up to the heart and soul of Khalid’s roots. The young singer from El Paso, Texas, shows his diversity in vocal abilities. He seamlessly weaves in elements of pop into his heavily R&B influenced style. The album itself cohesively compiles the singer’s experiences with love, growth, and his vigor for life.

Khalid has come far in his career and his versatility since his breakout song, “Location” in 2016. “Suncity” demonstrates his range and ability to effectively mix somber, heartfelt songs with upbeat, fun, pop songs. Fans of Coldplay and The Weekend will love “Suncity.” Enchantingly beautiful and catchy, this album sets the bar high for the talented Khalid.


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