Album Review: “Stardust” by Yung Lean


This month Swedish rapper Yung Lean released his new album “Stardust.” Yung Lean’s music made waves on TikTok, with his 2013 song “Ginseng Strip 2002” used over 12 million times on the app. But now he’s back to share his new music with the whole world. 

Yung Lean is commonly associated with the Drain Gang and was at the forefront of Soundcloud rap during its rise in popularity seven years ago. “Stardust” features other rappers associated with Drain Gang like Thaiboy Digital, Bladee, and Ecco2k, making this album another extension of the latest hyperpop craze. 

Although Yung Lean is technically a rapper, this new album has a lot of electronic elements that cause “Stardust” to be unlike any album in the genre. Additionally, Yung Lean disregards the typical themes of guns, drugs and women that are commonly present in rap. Instead, “Stardust” has a somewhat emo feel, making this an excellent album for chilling. 

“Stardust” hosts an abundance of unique beats that draw on PC music. While the album is a reasonable extension of what Yung Lean is able to create, it is relatively slow at times and hard to get into. Some of the songs on the album seem to be just fillers so the album has a long enough run time. 

However, the good songs on this album are good. They have hard beats that shake you to your core. Match that with Yung Lean’s soft, whimsical voice, and it’s easy to see why fans love him so much. 

This album isn’t for everyone. But if you’re looking for a unique music experience, “Stardust” is your album. 

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