Album Review: “Slow Dance” by AJ Mitchell


Have you been on the search for sad love songs to add to your playlist? Then your search is over. With only four tracks, AJ Mitchell’s album, “Slow Dance,” might be on the shorter side, but with lyrics such as “Baby, I don’t really ever wanna move on” and “Let me take you to the place that we fell in love, love”  do you really need more? Mitchell’s song “Slow Dance” featuring Ava Max has a lighter message with the whimsical feel of pursuing a far away crush. 
You’ll get a little bit of everything in this album that was released on August 23. Overall, the album delivers in the aspects of music and lyrics, but if there had been more songs included, it would have given listeners more options to choose from. It is full of relatable, love-sick lyrics which will especially resonate with the young generation as school and love starts up again.


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