Album Review: “Nobody is Listening”


Well-known pop artist Zayn Malik, a past member of boy band One Direction, released his new album, “Nobody is Listening,” on Jan. 15, 2021 with 11 tracks—two of which are popular singles. 

Categorized as bedroom R&B, every track has its own unique beat and rhythm, ranging slightly but not too much from an upbeat party anthem to a “down in the dumps” type of rap song. You’ll have to listen closely to know exactly what he says since he mumbles in quite a few songs, but you can hear his British accent in “Calamity” when he talks at the beginning. If you don’t like soft rap, no worries; it’s not the whole album. 

Since most of the album is mellow, it’s perfect to listen to in the background while studying. The single “Vibez” is definitely a song for driving in the car with friends, at a party, or dancing in your room like nobody’s watching!  

If you listen closely to the lyrics throughout the album, you’ll get a taste of his personal love life— splitting with Gigi Hadid, getting back together, then having a baby girl. “Nobody is Listening” gives a perfect representation of how much Zayn has matured over the years. The album, however, focuses primarily on his relationship with Hadid rather than his fatherhood journey, and there are four songs that are explicit.

Obviously, he only has his baby momma in mind during this album, but that doesn’t mean nobody is listening. Give the album a chance and decide if you prefer Zayn as a solo man or a member of One Direction.


Nobody is Listening

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