Album Review: “More Than Anything” by Breakaway Ministries


Since its start in 1989, Breakaway Ministries has grown from 12 students in a college apartment to a gathering of 4,000 students in Reed Arena every week. But it wasn’t until last Tuesday that Breakaway Worship released their first album, making their worship experience more accessible than ever.

The album “More than Anything” includes three previously released singles and four new worship anthems. Naturally, the album fits a specific demographic. But for those looking to take worship melodies on the go or to simply learn more about it, Breakaway Ministries’ new album presents 33 minutes of fresh Christian music content.

In “Not Alone,” the song responds to Breakaway’s 2019 series “Smiling Depression,” a series based on the Old Testament book of Job, according to Breakaway Worship’s Instagram. The lyrics highlight Job’s suffering in light of Romans 8 in the New Testament, reminding listeners that while life can be painful and difficult at times, hope can be found in the love of Jesus. 

The song “More Than Anything” may seem familiar if you have attended Breakaway since 2019 when the song was released. This heartfelt, passionate love song to God expresses a depth of feeling that unites wildly unique people who have one thing in common—a personal connection to the lyrics—“Your love is like no other / A love that set me free.” 

The deep, faith-filled themes on the album are joined by somber and grand melodies, giving what so many crave—an authentic listening experience. The result radiates contagious joy. You can enjoy these songs quietly sitting still, blasting them loud while singing along, or gathering in a community to sing together. Songs like these meet listeners where they are. Although the album will not speak to everyone, those who do enjoy worship music will love it, finding deep connection and joy in these seven songs.

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