Album Review: Mania by Fall Out Boy


One of the rock genre’s most successful bands has released their first album since 2015. Fall Out Boy unveiled their long-awaited seventh studio album last week, and it is an obvious departure from the band’s punk-rock past.

Many artists, such as Coldplay and Paramore, have moved away from the conventions of the rock genre, however, many of the songs on Fall Out Boy’s new “Mania” unsuccessfully attempt to be EDM or Pop-rock songs. “Young and Menace” and “Hold Me Tight or Don’t” both feature EDM drops, and the latter is devoid of any guitar riffs.

The band delayed the release of “Mania” by four months, citing the need to rewrite much of the material. However, they still have not managed to produce the hits that past albums have brought. Some waltz-esque tempos and religious themes, like in “Heaven’s Gate,” were surprising, as they were very different from the electronic-heavy songs on the album.

All this said, there were some songs that stood out, such as “Church” and “The Last of The Good Ones.” The former is an addictive new favorite, and the latter is more reminiscent of Fall Out Boy’s rock roots.


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