Album Review: Losing Sleep by Chris Young


Seven albums into his music career, Chris Young introduces his latest compilation “Losing Sleep.” As an established country artist, Young takes his career to a new level by co-producing and co-writing every song in his new album.

Some of his past works include country hits “Tomorrow” and “I’m Comin’ Over.” With love being the most popular topic in his songs, Young has dug deep into his emotions with “Losing Sleep.” The album’s title track and lead single starts with a simple guitar note that leads into Young’s tender and tangy vocals.

Overall, the album incorporates a mellow and relaxed tempo without losing Young’s voice in the lyrics. With singles like “Woke Up Like This” and “Hangin’ On,” Young follows the melody while instilling his passionate emotions, instead of over emphasizing the colorful rhythm. The album closer “Blacked Out” is one of Young’s powerful ballads, in which the lyrics match heartache and loss to various ways one can be “blacked out.”



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