Album Review: Laugh Now, Fly Later by Wiz Khalifa


The Pittsburg rap sensation is back, with his new mixtape “Laugh Now, Fly Later.”

Wiz Khalifa stated that this new 10 track project will precede his upcoming album titled “Rolling Papers 2.” This label-sanctioned mixtape only features Casey Veggies as the only guest artist on the opener song “Royal Highness.”

This mixtape was basically released in order to tide fans over and drum up excitement for “Rolling Papers 2” —an album that Wiz Khalifa has been working on for three years.

A lot of the songs on “Laugh Now, Fly Later” still possess Wiz Khalifa’s chilling voice, but the lyrics are very repetitive and similar. He talks a lot about weed a lot on the mixtape (no surprise there), but this time his flow was a bit offsetting and the rhythm on some of his beats just didn’t really mix.

On the song “Plane 4 You,” Khalifa even goes off and gives a little rant about the legalization of marijuana. Yes, Wiz, we already knew you supported legalization. You’re a rapper; we want you for your music, not your politics.

To be honest, I found myself skipping through a lot of the songs about halfway through. Khalifa tried to go with some old school style beats, in an attempt to take back his old style flow, but it just didn’t work for him. He is trying to mix mainstream with old school, which, although a great idea, just isn’t working from him.

This mixtape is a huge step down from Khalifa’s other mixtape “Black Hollywood.” It almost sounds like he is trying too hard, as if he didn’t know what to write and just tried to do his best to make it all rhyme.

As far as generating excitement and hype for his new album that actually is coming out, “Rolling Papers 2,” I feel like he kind of did the opposite.

I feel like out of all these songs, only a couple, such as “Weed Farm,” actually embody the artist. This song sounds like some of his past hits, however most of the other tracks on the mixtape don’t seem genuine.

Hopefully “Rolling Papers 2” will live up to its built up reputation. But as of right now, it’s not looking too promising.  

Overall I would give this mixtape a 6/10, not his best work, but still not horrible. As Wiz would say, it’s just “aight.”


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