Album Review: “It’s Not So Bad” by KYLE


Are you ready to get hyped this Valentine’s Day? KYLE dropped his first album as an independent artist just in time for the day of love. With his new album “It’s Not So Bad” being centered around love and relationships, KYLE has got us covered. 

The 11-track album is a quick listen filled with collaborations with the likes of Craig David, Ivory Scott, Dougie F and BEAM. Listening to the energetic dance music, you won’t have the chance to feel blue because each track is filled with upbeat, rhythmic sounds. There’s no space for slow songs in this collection of tracks. In the song, “Unreplaceable,” KYLE says, “How’d I let the best thing in my life just up and vanish?” This is a testament to how KYLE uses vulnerable lyrics and disguises them as fun and buoyant throughout the album. 

“It’s Not So Bad” hits the topics of breakups, regret, falling in love, and lusting after someone. 

The cover catches your glance as soon as you see it. It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and it especially fits the tone KYLE wants to portray. A new listener could look at the cover and know that it’s going to be about romance, and that adds to the aura of the album. 

The presentation of “It’s Not So Bad” on different platforms is an interesting and unique choice. For Apple Music, the color of the eye on the album cover is pink to match its logo, whereas Spotify’s is green. KYLE also switched up the order of the tracks for both of these platforms. Apple’s version starts with the song “Personal,” and Spotify’s opens with “Cmon.” This means that depending on the platform you are using, you might have a different experience based on the sequencing.  

Most of the songs blend together, and although it’s good that they stay in the same theme, it can be hard to differentiate between the different melodies, thus the album may become a tad boring because of the same pop-dance vibe. Even so, its smooth rhythms and KYLE’s warm, honeyed vocals strike the right mood to brighten a dull February, just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

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