Album Review: I Decided by Big Sean


Released on February 3, “I Decided.” is making its way to the top of the charts. Big Sean’s fourth studio album features quite a few familiar names from the legendary Eminem to a newer and fresher face Migos. This new album isn’t something rap fans will want to miss.

This album followed behind the single “Bounce Back” that quickly went gold and became a favorite among many. Big Sean is no stranger to the speakers and is the first result when his music is searched on Spotify. However, even the greats are continuously changing and sometimes could use a fresh outlook. “I Decided.” does just that for the twenty-eight year old rapper. This album provides a new look to his fans, yet also welcomes them into his life as he continues to evolve into the rap star he has envisioned.

If you are not a seasoned Big Sean fan, but find yourself listening to artists like Drake, J. Cole, or Kendrick Lamar, don’t be shy to give his newest album a listen. At fourteen tracks, this album falls into the average amount of music that the three prior have provided, yet the quality is nothing but average. With it’s pop feels and rap backbone, “I Decided.” stays upbeat and pulses positive sounds through the speakers from the first track to the last.


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