Album Review: “High Road” by Kesha


Released Jan. 31 of this year, artist Kesha comes back again to the music scene with “High Road,” her fourth album. Haven’t given it a listen? You’re missing out – her solo sounds are remarkably different from her pop hits of the beginning of the decade. 

Still playing with her roots in pop with ballads, dance, and rap, “High Roads” encompasses themes of being forever young, embracing the wild moments of life, and missed opportunities. Kesha focuses on living in the moment despite wondering about the past. Filled with for-sure hits, Kesha proves herself once again as a seasoned crooner on this album. Songs like the heart-wrenching “Cowboy Blues” contrasts the beats in the power anthem “Raising Hell.” On “High Road” she boldly spreads her wings as an artist, with a vocal range that is raw, powerful, and vulnerable.


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