Album Review: “Free Spirit” by Khalid


Just in time for spring and sunshine comes singer-songwriter Khalid’s newest album. “Free Spirit” features 17 songs of pure aesthetic that will have listeners feeling mellow while chillaxin by the pool. Released on April 5, the album is full of softened beats and languid lyrics that listeners can lay back and enjoy.

While his music is primarily associated with the R&B genre, Khalid isn’t a typical R&B artist. His impressive vocal range is what sets him apart; from dropping low and deep to hitting those high notes, he can cover all the ranges. Most of his music focuses more on lyrics and vocals instead of beats and rhythms unlike the common R&B works. Khalid has also collaborated with artists like Billie Eilish and Halsey.

His newest album, “Free Spirit” has already risen to number 1 on Billboards’ 200 Album chart. The album features songs like “Better” and “Heaven” that let fans in on a more romantic side of the artist. The album itself caters to the laid-back crowd with its easy breezy beats and the smooth soft air of Khalid’s voice.

“Free Spirit” is available on any music streaming device. Check out the tunes now!

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