Album Review: “Follow-Find You” by Monsta X


KPop boy group Monsta X dropped their latest album “Follow-Find You” on Oct. 28 after the completion of their world tour. The album will have you feeling sentimental one second and then throwing a dance party the next! 

The first song on the album is “Find you,” and it is most certainly a song you put on when you have had a tough, rather sad, day. The general sound is soothing and the soft harmonies will match a blue mood perfectly. Other notable tracks are “Follow” and “See You Again” because of their interesting combination of sounds. “Follow” will have you non-stop dancing along with the fast and upbeat rhythm. “See You Again” is a quick paced yet sad sounding track that will leave you wondering if you’re supposed to be bopping along or gazing out of a window on a rainy day. 

All in all, “Follow-Find You” has a mix of everything that’s bound to meet what you’re looking for.


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