Album Review: “Fake It Flowers” by Beabadoobee


Get introduced to a new genre of music called bedroom pop with Beabadoobee’s debut album “Fake It Flowers.” Finding success in her single “Coffee,” twenty-year-old Bea Kristi has already begun creating a name for herself before the release of her first album. The song was featured in a remix titled “death bed (coffee for your head)” by Powfu and has over 700 million plays on Spotify. Yet Kristi takes center stage on her album and shows fans and critics just what she can bring to the new era of indie pop.

“Fake It Flowers” was released this October, and the artist showcases her sleepy vocals with the same soft pop that fans have grown to love. The overall sound of the album is very similar to early 2000’s pop with its mixture of acoustic and electric guitars with muffled vocals, but Kristi is able to make it her own. Beabadoobee has released previous EPs, like “Patched Up” and “Loveworm,” but her new album sets her up with an overall new sound. 

Her previous works are more slow in tone, with mainly acoustic guitars framing Kristi’s wispy vocals, but on this album, the artist branches out by having more instrumentation and stronger lyrics. While her voice is nice to listen to, her lyrics are scattered with darker themes. The songs “Charlie Brown” and “Together” speak about the artist’s own personal struggle with self-harm. Overall, her songs can be depressing in the sense of her speaking of her own battles with depression, love, and self-image. That might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s clear to see that Kristi’s openness about her own struggles has made her and her music relatable to Beabadoobee listeners. 

Beabadoobee is making a name for herself in the bedroom pop genre with “Fake It Flowers,” creating a good starting point for the artist to showcase just who she can become as an artist in the upcoming years.


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