Album Review: “Church” by Galantis


Lose yourself in a world of imagination with “Church,” the newest album by electronic dance musicians Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw – better known by their duo name of Galantis. “Church” is their third studio album, released on February 7th. Hailing all the way from Sweden, this talented duo collaborates with a variety of artists, including OneRepublic, Mr. Probz, John Newman, and even Dolly Parton. This album soars to new heights with whimsical and delicate but powerful sounds, full of energy with themes of freedom, love, life, and art. Despite the EDM genre, this album has a light, indie feel with upbeat tunes, bold rhythms and a variety of instrumentals backed by the piano. Songs such as “Never Felt a Love Like This” verbalize the “butterflies in your stomach” feeling and puts it into a song. “Church” is the perfect album to celebrate the everyday emotions of life that you don’t know how to express. 


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