Album Review: “CALM” by 5 Seconds of Summer


Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer adds a new depth to pop music in their newest full-length album “CALM.” Since their inception in 2011, the band has always infused a punk/rock aspect to their songs, and “CALM” is no exception. 

This is their fourth full-length album, and it manages to channel its predecessors while still standing on its own two feet. With a blend of the kind of upbeat jams that have topped charts worldwide and slower, more low-key songs for balance, “CALM” has variety. Is it enough variety? Maybe. The songs are different, but each can still be easily identified as being 5 Seconds of Summer songs, so if you want an album with super drastic tonal shifts, well, your mileage may vary. 

That said, it’s still a good album filled with songs to perk up any playlist. If you’re a newbie to 5 Seconds of Summer, “CALM” is a great sampler-platter introduction to the band. If you’ve been a fan for a while, the album has plenty of the nostalgic sound you’re used to, with just enough modern stuff to keep it interesting. 

Are boy bands “so totally over?” Possibly, but if they are, please don’t tell 5 Seconds of Summer. We’d like to hear their eventual fifth album.


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