Album Review: Boarding House Reach by Jack White


Jack White: a jack of all trades some would say. Over the years, the world has seen and heard many different sides from this rocker.

“Boarding House Reach,” the third solo album by Mr. White was released on March 23, 2018. The album was produced by his own successful label Third Man, as well as Columbia and XL Recording.

A limited edition vinyl version of the album has been made available to customers of the Third Man Records Vault Service. The exclusive package features strikingly different cover art, a light-up vinyl record, special colored vinyl singles of demos along with all-access photographs taken during the intense recording sessions of the album.

There are many different sounds on this album, from gospel choirs to bongos, synthesizers and even organs. I can quite honestly say that these tracks took my ears by surprise, as they definitely weren’t what I was expecting.

Even White himself commented in the making of his newest album that it was a “bizarre” record indeed.

Some of the tracks have been released prior to the rest of the album in hopes to draw attention and gain excitement for the album. “Connected Love” was the first song, released on January 10. “Over and Over and Over” was released March 1, and was originally written for the White Stripes back in 2005.

If you are looking for some reminiscent White Stripes-like jams, then keep looking elsewhere. After the White Stripes split up, Jack White has become even more unique in both appearance and thought. He has even been compared to the likes of some of Johnny Depp’s more peculiar television characters.

This album sounded somewhat devoid of excitement, with only a few of White’s riveting guitar solos thrown in the mix. All in all, this album may be a total hit for all you die-hard Jack White fans, but it was a little too all over the place and random for my liking. I felt somewhat unimpressed, listening to what sounded like any other experimental rock band performance at an outdoor music festival. I guess I just expected more. Better luck next time Mr. White.


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