Album Review: Bigger Love by John Legend


Though it may be sweltering in Texas by mid-May, the official start of summer is technically a bit later, this year on June 20. To celebrate, kick back and relax with some new summer jams brought to you by the one and only John Legend! Legend’s latest release, “Bigger Love,” dropped on June 19, just in time for the most laid-back season of the year. And laid-back vibes are exactly what Legend brings to the table in his sixth solo studio album, skillfully combining his soulful voice with upbeat tunes to create a complex lineup that can match most any occasion.

While most of the tracks lean toward either chill pop or upbeat dance songs, in true John Legend fashion, there are a couple of slower ballads on the album to balance out the mood. However, Legend hits it out of the park regardless of tempo. It can be difficult to find an album and an artist that successfully covers a range of sounds while still maintaining their signature feel, but Legend has pretty much done it on “Bigger Love.” 



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