Album Release: These Two Windows by Alec Benjamin


Alec Benjamin is far from a household name, but his debut studio album entitled “These Two Windows” still offers potential through his storytelling and the calm nature of his songs. Before his album came out on May 29, Benjamin released several “mixtape” albums and collaborated with Alessia Cara in 2019 with the song “Let Me Down Slowly,” which was on the Billboard 100 chart for nine weeks. Leading up to the release of “These Two Windows,” he promoted his songs on Tik Tok as well as traditionally on talk shows like the Late Late show with James Corden. 

The songs on the album are catchy and enjoyable while maintaining a calm, almost melancholy sound. The mood of the songs gives the listener a sense of how Benjamin feels about his past life experiences, creating vivid scenarios through his songs. Because the songs are so personal, the album is given more depth and meaning and the listener gets a real sense of Benjamin’s highs and lows. 

All ten songs on the album open different windows into Benjamin’s life.  “Jesus in LA,” a song that was released almost a year ahead of his album in July 2019, is a metaphorical song about the singer’s move to Los Angeles. Another song, “Must Have Been The Wind” transports the listener to the beginning of a friendship through memorable refrains. 

Every song on this album is emotional and beautifully composed. If you’re looking for a song to move you or get you thinking,  this album is perfect. Alec Benjamin is certainly an up and coming artist that is quickly gaining traction. For a fresh sound, look no further than this selection of songs. The whole album is less than 30 minutes, so it’s a quick but pleasant way to pass the time.  You won’t be disappointed. 

To learn more about Alec Benjamin, go to To listen to the album, click here,


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