Adele – 25, November 20


Adele – 25

Adele has shocked the music world with her new album “25.” This fantastic compilation of tracks has taken the music scene by storm. The lead single “Hello” has become an immediate hit and fan favorite in a matter of weeks. The record itself is shocking those in the industry with the incredible volume of sales and is quickly becoming the album of the year. The 11-track album was expertly pieced together, and the meticulous detail put into the production is unreal. From the songwriting to the music, and of course her stellar vocals, Adele has out done herself. This is the album music fans needed in 2015. It was a long wait for new music from Adele but this release proves that it was well worth it.


Chris Young – I’m Comin Over

Chris Young – I’m Comin Over Nov 13

Country star Chris Young is back with his album “I’m Comin’ Over.” Young has seen a steady increase in success over the past few years and this album is a great addition to his music catalog. The album debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Country Charts and the first single, “I’m Comin’ Over” is becoming Young’s fastest-rising single. Included on the album is a collaboration with Cassadee Pope, who Young will have as an opener on his upcoming tour. The track is “Think of You,” a heart-breaking song about the struggles in dealing with an absolved relationship. Young also brings in Vince Gill on “Sober Saturday Night.” The track is another heartstring-puller and Gill’s vocals add another layer to the track. Heartbreak isn’t the only topic on the album, tracks like “You Do the Talkin’” and “Sunshine Overtime” are up-beat tracks that fans will love. Overall a great album from Young.


Nashville Indie Artist Spotlight – Various Artists

Nashville Indie Artist Spotlight – Various Artists November 20

For those looking for something different, a very unique album has been released. If you are an Indie fan, this is right up your alley. It is called “Nashville Indie Spotlight 2016,” it is a compilation album featuring twenty-four different Indie artists. There are some definite stand outs among this selection. Ruelle’s “Monsters” has a funky/rocker vibe with great vocals behind it. Wave and Rome’s “Across the Map” is an up-beat track that has a U2-style to it. The group is able to harness their own sound and drive it home from beginning to the end of the track. The Rival’s “Keep on Moving” strikes a personal chord, encouraging one to forge ahead and stop looking in the past. This is a great album for those looking for variety.

In honor of the Christmas holidays, iTunes released “Christmas” by Frank Sinatra. It goes without saying, Frank Sinatra is timeless. His smooth vocals, style, and talent is without a doubt, one of the best of all time. The 11-track album is chock-full of all-time Christmas favorites. From “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” to “Silent Night,” Sinatra does what Sinatra does best. Whether you grew up with your parents playing Frank Sinatra’s records or if you have seen any Christmas movie ever, you will immediately recognize the iconic voice. In an age of pop-infused Christmas music, it is great to get back to the classics.


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