Acting Kids Summer Camp: The Theatre Company of Bryan/College Station


There’s something about theatre that just draws people in—the velvet curtains, the roaring applause, the thrill of being in the spotlight. Whether it’s as cast or audience, folks of every age can feel the lure of the theatre, which is why The Theatre Company of Bryan College Station spends part of every summer hosting a theatre camp for kids that culminates in an open to the public performance. This year, the End of Summer Kids Camp will be performing “101 Dalmations Kids” on Aug. 20-22.  

Every summer, The Theatre Company’s camp provides an opportunity for 6-16 year olds to experience the theatrical process as they put on a performance of their own. “Not only will the kids learn and put on the entire show in just a few weeks,” says director Adrienne Dobson, “but they’ll get hands-on training with instructors regarding acting, singing, and dancing.” 

This year’s camp is full, but tickets to one of the performances just might inspire your young thespian to take the stage at next summer’s camp. It’s also a great opportunity to foster a love of attending theater productions, especially since The Theatre Company’s mission is to change lives in our community through “the magic of live theatre.”  “101 Dalmations Kids” is sure to do the trick, since it follows the thrilling storyline of Pongo and Perdita’s quest to keep the infamous Cruella De Vil from making a fur coat from their adorable puppies and of course includes musical numbers that are sure to enthrall. 

The Theatre Company’s location, which used to be a movie theatre, features a state-of-the-art light and sound system, the only permanent revolving stage platform in Texas, and a thrust portion of the stage that reaches out into the audience. The theater can seat up to 220 patrons and facilitates all sorts of musical masterpieces.

The final productions run Aug. 20-22, with performances Friday and Saturday at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Tickets to these four shows can be purchased here for $10 an adult and $7 per child. What a wonderful chance to see these talented young performers in action!


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