Grub Burger Bar unveils new menu options


While we were off enjoying holiday break and transitioning into the new semester, Grub Burger Bar was cooking up delicious additions to their menu.

Known for the delicious burgers Grub creates, it is the ideal location for all occasions. Whether you’re going on a first date, combining a burger with business, or need a post-workout pick-me-up Grub is your place to go.

They’ve already put a lot of energy into their loyal menu full of fan-favorites like the Lockhart Legend, Harlem Chicken Tenders (don’t forget the Mississippi Comeback Sauce), and spiked Bourbon & Caramel shake, but they’ve added a few new specialty items to their already stacked menu.

If you feel the need to start lunch with a snack or surprise your table during “Happier Hour,” then go for the Chorizo Quezo. Not only is there chorizo in the dip, but also ground beef and it’s topped with homemade guacamole, then served with tortilla chips accented with lime salt.

When searching for a lighter option, Grub has you covered with carefully crafted bowls, a part of the new menu. Whether you are going for California Chicken or Salmon Filet, you will find that eating clean doesn’t have to be boring. The avocado salad brings it all to the table with a black bean and corn medley, Campari tomatoes, sprouts, queso fresco, and a delectable ancho lime vinaigrette.

A quick chicken sandwich is easy to come by, but we all want something freshly made with straightforward simplicity. We found exactly that in the California Chicken Sandwich. For starters, it is on a wheat bun, which Grub bakes fresh every hour! The chicken sandwich comes with the basics: bacon, Swiss, sprouts and avocado, but the chipotle aioli stole the show. Don’t pass up the sides like the Brussels sprouts that are tossed in ancho lime vinaigrette and topped with queso fresco or their popular twist on sweet potato fries.

Not only does Grub Burger Bar make eating fresh easy, but they’ve taken care of the ordering as well. Download their App, available for Apple and Android, “Grub Love.” Earn points while you eat, and if you’re on the move, take advantage of their online ordering option. No matter where your day is taking you, it’s always a good time for Grub!

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