Having seen brow trends come and go, full and filled brows are flattering and youthful on any face. Whether you are a full concealer and filled brow connoisseur or a natural gel brush and go Vixen, here are all tips for your brows. – Versy Picone, Salon Owner and Professional Makeup Artist


1. Waxing, Tweezing and Trimming play a pivotal part in any shape to clean

2. If you have no hair and need to create a shape, waterproof pomades allow you to “paint” on your shape. An angled eyeliner brush allows you to form your shape perfectly. Clean up any excess with your undereye concealer. Find your perfect brow shapes by using the symmetry of nose and your brow brush.

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3. Fiber filling sweatproof gels attach to brow hairs, adding color and volume while holding in place

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4. Clear brow gels are great for men and women for those simply wanting to brush their natural brow in place

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*Microblading/Microstroking is semi permanent alternative for those wanting to add hair like strokes that can last up to 2 years.