Settling into a semester means getting comfortable with a new schedule and establishing a study routine. Our ideal study location is somewhere we can meet with a group to focus or grab a quick coffee and relax. This semester, our hunt was short-lived when we stumbled into The Brew Coffeehouse. The environment was welcoming and cozy with large leather couches along with an exceptional playlist. A barista recommended a popular order, “The Secret Handshake,” and yes there is an actual secret way to order it. This sweet drink is a blend of white mocha, caramel, and vanilla – YUM! Their menu was revamped a few weeks ago and it looks like more twists are expected with their Barista Challenge. Every Monday, each barista will create a new specialty drink and, if it’s successful, it will be added to the menu. We encourage you to stop by The Brew Coffeehouse and also look out for their deals on the UConnection App!