Every day in the United States about nine people are killed and over one thousand injured because of distracted driving. Have you ever said to yourself, “It’s just one text. I can multitask. I’ve done this a billion times!” It’s super easy to dismiss those numbers—it’s a big country, right? But for Marci Corry, College Station resident and CEO of Safe 2 Save, those statistics simply couldn’t be ignored when a student lost his life from another driver texting right here in College Station.  

While distracted driving is defined as anything that takes your full and absolute attention away from the road, such as putting on makeup, eating, changing a song, or the big one—texting, distracted driving has now been bumped to a whole new level with more teens than ever snapchatting.  

Created to make a lasting impression for safe driving in communities, the sole purpose of Corry’s Safe 2 Save app is to encourage safe driving through awarding the user for being one hundred percent focused on the road every time they’re behind the wheel. Through the app, you’re able to earn points and redeem them for rewards with affiliated businesses. Two points are earned for every minute of safe driving, starting at 10 mph. Afterwards, you can redeem your points by clicking the icon shaped like a present. Pretty fun, huh? Drive safely and get a present! What’s not to like? The Safe 2 Save app is available for both Android and iPhone users through the Google Play Store and the App Store. Once the app is downloaded, you have to register for an account or log in with Facebook.   

This app also encourages you to organize competitions with other users to see who can drive the safest.  These competitions allow entire communities to be engrossed in safe driving, and your points add up within the competition as well. In addition, try creating your own competition or join someone else’s with an invitation code provided to you. This app may not stop you from driving while distracted, but it does give a positive tangible incentive to do so.