1. Invest in a planner that works for you

There are many different layouts and types of planners out there. Check out places like Target, Amazon, and Walmart to find one that works best.

  1. Find the perfect pen (or set of pens).

Many people like to color code by course or activity or at the very least use one colored pen in their planners. To do this, a long lasting pen, or set of pens, is a must. These can be found at any store that sells school supplies.

  1. Invest in white out.

Deadlines are bound to change as the semester progresses. Be sure to keep a bottle of whiteout on hand to easily make these changes.

  1. Use sticky notes.

Sticky notes are perfect for those little notes that need to be jotted down in a hurry before they’re forgotten. Keep a stack of these handy too.

  1. Make lists weekly.

Sometimes a lot of information covering a week long spread can be daunting. Make lists in order of priority to make sure everything is completed in a timely and organized manner.

  1. Separate schoolwork and social life.

Make sure to leave a space on the daily schedule between events for school and events for fun. Also, always be sure to list your school work first, making it the first thing your eyes see.

Following these steps will make using a planner ten times more successful and, by extension, the fall semester as well.