If you’re looking to have a little more motivation during your morning or afternoon runs, or if you want work on speed or distance, the Weav Run app has you covered.

Weav Run is a mobile app that adapts songs, so that every time your foot hits the ground the beat is synchronized to your every step. Due to its motion-triggered technology, Weav Run has the ability to seamlessly change tempo between 100-240 steps per minute, without compromising the quality of the music.

When getting started on Weav Run, try the “detect my tempo” setting to measure your running cadence. After you have completed 2 or 3 runs, switch to “I know my tempo” to improve your cadence and running form. This sequence warrants the best results. Weav Run can also be used to track your run with GPS, train for your first 5k, 10k, and 15k runs, and improve your pace and speed.

Weav Run also works together with other apps. You can use apps like Nike+, Strava, Run Club, Runkeeper, MapMyRun, or any other running tracker in conjunction with Weav Run.

“Take our word for it, this a game-changer.” -Redbull.com

Running will never be the same. Try it now!