As many may be aware, the beloved Daisy Dukes dance hall sat on the corner of University and Boyett for many years. In the last four years, the venue has gone through multiple changes in ownership, management, and branding. Many Aggies that enjoyed the original dance hall were disappointed when the venue became a revolving door of establishments.

During the rebranding, the venue became a dance club, Boulevard 217, which seemed to lack the popularity of Daisy Dukes. Coming soon, in the same venue is Shiner Park. It is another brand on the same old venue, but what exactly is Shiner Park?

The brand claims to be opening this fall with a dance club featuring country, hip-hop, and top 40s music. The business was founded in July of 2016, and therefore, it is completely new and unknown. Looking at the venue, the potential is there, but it is hard to say if Shiner Park will be able to stop the revolving door.

Texas A&M students stand by their traditions, and although a dance hall on Northgate is not related to the university at all, the students held it near and dear to their hearts. Whether they attended often or not, many students chose to avoid Boulevard 217 purely because it was different from what they are familiar with. The venue is one of the largest on the Northgate district, giving any business that opens potential to succeed in the often overly crowded place that is Northgate. The new dance club, Shiner Park, will have bottle service available and the largest dance floor on Northgate, a good attribute considering nobody wants to walk into a tiny venue that is over capacity.

The corner venue that we all know so well almost seems like a black hole for businesses. How is it possible to be loyal when branding and ownership is constantly changing? Nothing is wrong with a little bit of change, and this change could be legendary. Several businesses on Northgate have changed this summer, and whether your favorite venue closed or just recently opened, a lot of exciting things are happening and College Station has been given the opportunity to welcome new ways for students and residents to spend free time.

Best wishes to Shiner Park as it opens this fall. We could be looking at the business that sticks it out and becomes as well known as Daisy Dukes or Hurricane Harry’s.