When you think about donuts, there are certain words that follow: glaze, sprinkles, mini… And then there are some words that just don’t seem to have any correlation: bland, dry, trailers. You read that right. Trailers. It’s not so common for “donut” to be followed by “trailer.” But every once in a while, the two go together like glaze donuts goes with “I’d like a dozen, please.”  

Which leads us to Donut Darlin’, a mini donut trailer in the College Station area, which was created by Texas A&M junior Taylor Laney. What originally began as an empty trailer, and a few wrong turns toward some crepes, has turned into “the best thing ever” for Laney. Donut Darlin’ is a 50’s vibe on wheels, dishing out your newest obsession. Laney’s mini donuts leave you wanting flavors you never knew you’d want in donut form. Sweet creations like the “Classic Donut” (cinnamon sugar) and “Eskimo Bites” (powdered sugar donuts) will leave you believing Laney has outdone herself. But then, when fall flavors like pumpkin spice come out to play, she’ll surprise you with twists and delectable turns. Not only does Donut Darlin’ do seasonal, sweet, and sugary, she’s also doing savory and exquisite. Her kolaches are just as big of a draw as her donuts.

We’re all familiar with that saying “two is better than one,” and, with Donut Darlin’s breakfast donuts, it has never been more true. This mini donut trailer changes venues monthly, but if you want to catch Laney and her mini miracles, follow her facebook page “Donut Darlin’.” Her services include walk-ins, take out, and, if ever the mood strike for a mini donut party, Donut Darlin’ offers catering to handle the most extreme of mini donut parties. This mini donut trailer accepts most forms of payment, and the price range will satisfy even the most frugal of persons. Trailers and donuts might not sound synonymous, but Donut Darlin’ is just right on the edge of changing that.