With a jam-packed semester full of classic and innovative shows, OPAS season 46 will truly deliver.

“The Choir of Men” (October 2 & 3)
Witness the multi-talented cast of “the ultimate feel good show” on this production’s first national tour. The show is set in a pub and creates a high-energy environment for its audience with impressive choreography and addictive songs. It’s a pub crawl musical that will leave you wanting to see it again!

“The Capitol Steps” (October 11)
Get ready to poke some fun at democracy, because this one does not hold back on its hilarious satire of politics. The idea for “The Capitol Steps” began in 1981 when Senate staffers planned the entertainment for their Christmas party. With skits and song parodies galore, this show is a hilarious feature in OPAS’S Intimate Gatherings series.

“Steel Magnolias” (October 24)
There is a time to laugh and a time to cry. “Steel Magnolias” will bring out an array of emotions with its focus on companionship and strength in unity. Based on the popular film of the same name, “Steel Magnolias” will remind you of the powerful nature of friendship.

Soweto Gospel Choir (October 30)
Share in the uplifting and inspiring sounds of South African Gospel music. The Soweto Gospel Choir is a two-time Grammy award-winning success that has toured the globe in order to share their culture. This year, they will be singing “Songs of the Free” to honor Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday.

“The Sound of Music” (November 6 & 7)
One of the classics, “The Sound of Music” arrives at Rudder Auditorium this semester. The beloved musical is a family favorite and returns with a fresh and memorable new production. With its familiar story and songs, “The Sound of Music” welcomes everyone to witness the Broadway hit.

“Erth’s Prehistoric Aquatic Adventure” (November 30)
“Erth’s Prehistoric Aquatic Adventure” is an interactive and immersive experience that guides you through a visually magnificent look into the ocean. Perfect for a young audience, this production uses puppets, actors and technology to generate an adventure that simulates the bottom of the sea and its prehistoric creatures.