In the midst of election season drama on television, Netflix knows exactly what to provide its viewers when they need a break. The American-British series, “The Crown,” premiered on November 4 and released the first season comprised of 10 episodes.

Though the drama in this show many not ease the tension, it will definitely shift its viewers to a more interesting topic. The show tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s life, delving into some unanswered questions, as she was distant from the public during her reign. “Doctor Who” star Matt Smith plays the Duke of Edinburgh opposite Claire Foy, the queen. The plot is largely a biography of the queen’s life, with some fictional license. Viewers are attracted by much more than the accents, including a compelling storyline worthy of royal treatment.

Netflix anticipates a second season because of positive responses from viewers. Queen Elizabeth II’s reign may have gone unnoticed but the cast execution makes for a stimulating show. According to “Time” magazine, many critics have been comparing it to “Downton Abbey” because of its extravagant budget, but say that it is executed just as well. Along with riveting scandals involving royalty, the episodes make learning about UK’s history much more fascinating.

Tune into Netflix to watch the gripping story about monarchy and leaders who went down in history. This show is definitely binge-worthy, as the tales make for more than just history book chapters.